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AdminFeb 1, 20191 min read

Welcome to the Evidence Hub

At Aetion, we work at the crossroads of health care: the point at which patients, providers, life sciences, payers, and regulators intersect. It’s called data. Data are the highway on which every stakeholder will travel as health care transforms to a value-based system.

We’re focused on the science of deriving actionable insights from patient and claims data for our fellow travelers. And yet, along with rigorous science, we need conversation. Lots of it.

Conversations between stakeholders direct our work to where it is most urgently needed. And data-driven conversations build trust and alignment among those stakeholders, enabling collaboration in place of silos and sparking innovations across the ecosystem of health care.

Welcome to the Evidence Hub, to our conversation about perspectives, milestones, and best practices in applying real-world evidence in life sciences and value-based health care.

In this space we share our thinking—and invite your thinking—on some of the biggest questions in health care today. Can we bring drugs to market faster? Which treatments work best for complex patients—patients who may not be represented in randomized controlled trials? What systemic changes can we make to improve outcomes for every patient at lower cost?

Answering these and other questions through transparent data analyses and rigorous science accelerates every stakeholder’s mission as we all work together to transform health care.