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DevSep 17, 2021< 1 min read

Ten Recommendations for Regulating Non-identifiable Data

There is considerable activity today in regulatory development and updates around the privacy rights of individuals in Europe, Canada, the US, and elsewhere. This includes guidelines, standards, and regulator orders and opinions. Many of these efforts will need to (re)define what non-identifiable data is and how its development, use, and disclosure should be regulated, so that the great many societal benefits of using data can be realized while still protecting privacy. We have been working in the data privacy and anonymization space for close to two decades, and in this article, we wanted to offer our perspective and what we believe are some of the key considerations for regulating the generation and processing of non-identifiable data, in terms of both principles and practices. Ultimately, this will be up to legislators and regulators to determine. The article is available  here.